Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I love my life!

The past 24 hours have been absolutely wonderful!!! I got to do makeup for a photo shoot at Theater of Puget Sound for Emily Rose Studios . I love downtown Seattle in the summer and especially Seattle Center... I've loved going there since I was a child and I try to attend different festivals they have held there each summer.

Then I came home to this:

A very happy Missy sleeping on my pillows purring very loudly! I tried my best not to disturb her as I cleaned my house and got ready for my cousins from out of town to arrive.

When they arrived we had a great time - I painted my little cousins nails neon pink with sparkles, we bbq'ed and my Mom and cousin tried my lentil burger and liked them! YAY! We got the fire pit going and I gave the kids some glowsticks that I had laying around and we had a blast!

This morning I woke up to a beautiful clear sky and decided to blog outside for a change (usually I blog in my room with the fan on but there aren't many more days of summer left boohoo) and I am in good company too:

Tomorrow I will be posting the recipe for a raw apple pie I made a few days ago... it's soooooo good and soooo easy!

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  1. summer in seattle is one of my all time favorite things. It's beautiful.