Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Super Yum!

Yesterday my mom and I decided to go to a restaurant I've been wanting to try forever.. Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe . I had read reviews online about how "amazing", "delightful", and "scrumptious" some of their raw menu items were, so I was very excited to check out their new location in West Seattle.
We walked into this beautiful cafe and I immediately felt right at home. The cafe is bursting with color, the smell of fresh food and coffee wafting through the air, people relaxing by large windows enjoying their food or working on their laptops on the free WIFI connection. Even before I had my first taste of their food I already knew I had made an awesome choice coming just by the atmosphere.

We were greeting by two women who were very upbeat and helpful when choosing menu items and even let us sample some tabouli (which by the way is AMAZING!!!!). We decided on the raw enchilada, lentil burger, and raw fudge brownie.

We tried the raw fudge brownie first..... I don't think words can explain how good it was. It puts any brownie my Mom or I have ever tried to absolute shame. It was well worth the $5 and is definitely now my favorite dessert!

Next up were our main courses! Lentil burger with a side of tabouli, and a raw enchilada plate with the house salad.

My Mom and I both split our entrees in half so that we could try both dishes and I sure am glad we did. The lentil burger is homemade and is topped with sprouts, marinated onions, cucumbers, and pickles with their "special sauce" on a panino roll. It tastes so good that it made my Mom who LOVES meat say she could go vegan if she could always eat like this.

The raw enchiladas are made with tomato tortillas that are filled with cashew cheese, a variety of chopped veggies, avocado, cilantro, and mango pico de gallo. These were DELISH! The variety of vegetables are bursting with flavor and the tomato tortillas are to die for.

The portions are large and we were able to take the food home and get 2 more meals out of it - a total of 4 meals for $30. I am planning on going back again this weekend and trying other dishes, I am definitely hooked!

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